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Short Sales in Idaho

We have two short sale experts.  We are experts not because we have weekend seminar certifications.  we are experts because the two (2) of us in our company that handle short sales have close 100, (more than the time you are reading this) short sale.  Idaho is a deficiency judgement state.  It is a state where if they foreclose on you they can actually sell your house and then go after you for the deficiency between what they sell the house for and what you owe.  They can do that with short sales too.  We know no one who we have closed a short sale with that has ever happened to.

Short sales are a special animal.  Many Real Estate Agents (Realtors) take a course on a week end and get a “certification” and advertise as short sale experts.  When you talk to any agent about a short sale ASK them to SHOW YOU their record.  Or ask us.  It is public MLS information.  Lots of agents have listed lots of short sales but when you look at there closure rate it is nuts.  It isn’t how many they listed.  It is how many they closed.  14% of short sale tries nation wide close.  86% fail.  Failure usually results in foreclosure.  A short sale dings your credit a little.  A foreclosure screws up your credit for years.

I will come back here an write more about short sales.  In the meantime go here.  Go to the links.  Read about and watch the foreclosure scam video.  Call me at 208-870-2115 and ask me questions.  email and ask me for short sale information.  Don’t just have anyone list your house as a short sale.  There can be tax ramifications and other things.  A short sale may not be your best option.  We want to help you avoid the nightmares that many people are going through with foreclosures, loan modification an short sales.  If you are considering any of these please talk to me.  We can help.  Do not let anyone SELL you on doing a short sale until you understand all of your alternatives to a short sale or foreclosure.  Call Jon Gosche at 208-870-2115 and let us get you the information that you need.

If you are not in Ada, Canyon, Gem or Boise Counties call me and I will help you find a qualified short sale agent in your area.