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How to Sell your Boise Home for the highest price and net the most

What I wrote below was about a year ago.  Well guess what!  Now in the end of winter 2013 pending sales have been going UP almost every month.  Existing home prices have risen at 15% to 30% this year and even MORE!  If you had to do a short sale to sell last year this year you may even be able to put money in your pocket!  Call for a market analysis.  We will do it for free, no pressure.  You can also use this search to look at what home sale asking prices are now.  It  is easy.  Call and we will help you understand how to use all the search tools.  You can find everything a Realtor can on the MLS right here.  Use the power search and the neighborhood tab to find your subdivision and all Boise are homes for sale close to yours.  You can search Meridian, Eagle, Nampa, and all of South West Idaho.

All Realtors are not the same.  Choosing the wrong Realtor can cost you thousands of dollars and you may not even know it!  80% of Realtors have been Realtors for less than 5 years.  That means most have never experienced an up cycle like we are having right now. 

This is the hardest kind of time to price homes right.  Many agents will list for TOO LOW based on the past, not on what is happening.  Here is why you should call us: 
1. Only our experienced agents will list your home. 
2.  You will be listed on all of the major real estate web sites. 
3.  Your home will NOT be underpriced. 
4.  You will have an experienced negotiating agent under the supervision of an experienced Broker who has been through both up and down real estate cycles. 
5. You will get advice on staging your home so it will show well and get top price. 
6. You will be covered by more than one agent so you will be able to get a hold of us when you need us, have questions, and most importantly, when buyers want to see it. 
7. You will have NO hassle sale and we will walk you through the selling process step by step. 
Call Jon Gosche at 208-870-2115 or Kasey Boles at 208-830-6186 or John Boles at 208-830-6185 and schedule a meeting Today to plan for your tomorrow.  

If you are waiting to sell because you think home prices are going to go up soon you should think again.  Pending home have been falling and are continuing to fall.  But not because of lack of buyers.  It is because of lack of homes for sale.  This is turning into a seller’s market in spite of a bad economy. 

If you have a $1,000 home loan payment and are in the first few years of your finance term most of your Payment is going to interest.  You are not gaining equity.  Add your taxes and insurance and you are most likely paying more than $1,000 per month. 

If you are paying on a 30 year fixed loan at 5% interest you are paying close to $1500 per month plus taxes and insurance.

If you sell 10 months from now you need to get $15,000 more for your home than today to break even. 

If you think you may still be upside down let’s take a look.  You may be surprised that you are not any longer.