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How to save your Treasure Valley Home Searches.

Boise MLS Listing
Boise MLS Listing

If you haven’t figured out how to save searches follow these instructions.  You can save multiple searches.  You can pause them, change them, delete them and pretty much do everything a Realtor® can do.

  1. 1.  You need to be logged in.  then on the left large box (Type any Area, Address etc.) start by clicking.  Scroll down and it will put the area that you choose in and it will be listed right beneath the box.  All listings in the area will come up.  This is right above on this page or on the Home Page.

2.  To put multiple areas in click again, and again and add all of the areas that you want.  You may want to save more than one search in different areas.  You can do that too.

3. Next click the price box and put in your maximum and minimum price.  Click OK.  Click the Type box.  If you want everything you can leave it.  But if you just want Condos, click that box.  Notice right there you can turn short sales and foreclosures off and on.  Under contract is off.  To see pending sales turn it on.  Do the same with the Beds and Baths tabs.

3. The more tab is were you can really narrow your search down.  Put in sqft. acres, stories, year built, garage etc.  Check out the “see all features” tab.  Click anywhere along side to close the drop down menu and then click the Save This Search Button on the left.  Name it.

4. VERY IMPORTANT is to click the get e- Alerts drop down where it says Monthly by Default.  Here we HIGHLY recommend using the instantly choice.  Then you will get new listings immediately when they are listed.  If you are looking for the best deals, the best deals sell the fastest.  You will have a real edge using this because if you check your email often you will get brand new listings and price drops.  Save the search.

5. Now that search is saved.  Go up to the grey bar on the top and notice Saved Searches.  If you want to add or delete criteria just go ahead and it will give you the Save Search option again.  You can save it as or name it the same to change it.  Now you are ready to look at details, change the search, sort etc.  When in detailed listings save your favorites.  Or click the heart on the upper right of the minimum detail view.    Then you can see when they are sold or have them where you can find them.

6. If you want to pause or delete a search an stop getting alerts, just go to the grey bar and click on where it says Hi (your name).  On that page you can change your phone number or whatever you want.  Sometimes people start and put in a wrong number.  Later they want us to be able to reach them.  If you did this you can change it.  You are in full control of everything always.

To delete or pause click on Saved Searches and Alerts.  Scroll down on the page.  Click Modify to change frequency, name of search or to change anything.  If you just want to delete one or all just click Delete!   You can unsubscribe, but if you want to wait a while and come back just change your searches and your choices.  Maybe you want to quit getting searches for  a while?  Click modify and use the getting e-Alerts dropdown and change to weekly or monthly.

7. You can run this webpage the way you want.  We just want to give you whatever you want and be ready to help you if and when you find homes to look at.  If you see one or a few listings that you want to see or need any help, please just call your agent.

We do Boise Real Estate differently.  We won’t SELL you.  We give you the best search tools available, provide the information that you want and need and are ready to help you when the time is right and timing is of the essence.  One of the greatest complaints that we hear about Real Estate agents from people is “my agent is never here when I need him.”  We will  be here or we will one of our associate agents will be a back up for you and we will be ready when you are.

Many people describe home buying and selling as among the most stressful things that they have ever done.  It does not have to be that way.  We want you to remember your last home transaction experience as one of your happiest experiences.