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Boise Realtors

There are several thousand Realtors in Boise and the surrounding area.  It is commonly thought that Realtors are a dime a dozen and all Realtors are the same.  Well there are a lot of Realtors but they are definitely not all the same.  Agents in Real Estate have one of the highest turnover rates of all industries in Idaho and the country.  80% of Real Estate agents have been agents for less than 5 years.  

Out of every three Real Estate agents who start only one is still in the business three years later.  There are several reasons for this.  The main reasons are lack of experience.  There are different expertise in real estate.  Being a buyer’s agent requires different skill and time that being a listing agent.  Being a short sale expert Realtor requires some unique skills that are a lot different than required to be a good buyer or listing agent, regardless of when you are helping the buyer or seller.

Many people, even experienced buyers lose significant amounts of time and money, miss homes, fail to sell because they make the mistake of choosing the wrong agent.

We believe that excellent agents are NOT sales people.  They are consultants.  They are good listeners, good researchers, have excellent tools to provide for you to find homes, compare sales of similar property and good marketers.  Brokerages vary from small offices with one broker to several brokers and agents.  Any single office has a designated broker whose job is to oversee agents, manage a brokerage trust account for clients and customers, and to help and guide agents.  

A great brokerage does more.  They manage agents by making sure they are providing top notch service.  Jon Gosche Real Estate is unique.  We are a small company with big ideas.  We had the first Real Estate website in the area with listings online for the public to freely view.  We have strived to stay ahead of the rest by continuing to have the best website for the public and our clients.  We have purposely not expanded to a high turnover company, maintaining and keeping enough agents who can work together to give the best service to our clients.  Two of us have done over 100 short sales.  One of us is a development expert, working on developing lots and working with builders for close to 20 years.  Several of us have many years of experience working mostly with buyers helping them find exactly what they want in a home, a loan, connecting them with the best home inspectors and title companies. 

Click on the agent tab to see our individual Realtors.  Call Jon Gosche our designated broker and tell him about you and what you need and want and he will help you select the best agent for you.  Call now, 208-870-2115 and get started with the tools you need to buy your new home in Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Kuna Nampa, or anywhere in the Treasure Valley.