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How to buy a Boise HUD Home!

Many of the listings that you find will be HUD homes but you will have no way to determine that generally.  We will show you how to specifically look for HUD homes.

Not all Real Estate agents or Brokers can help you directly buy a HUD owned home.  You must have a HUD registered agent with a HUD registered Broker.  Jon Gosche Real Estate is a HUD registered brokerage.  HUD homes are bid online through a registered HUD brokerage, like ours.  Call Kasey Boles at 208-830-6186 and she can explain how it works.  Use any Jon Gosche Real Estate agent to find and look at your home or homes of choice.  You can go directly to the following web site and find HUD homes.  To get a better look come back to and find it by putting the address in the top of the general search.  Now here you go.

Take a look and call if you need help or find a home you want to look at.  Also, like I said go to home page and put the address in the address or MLS box and get the detailed listing with street views and other information.
You can set up almost any Boise area home search yourself right here.  HUD does not allow their listings to be listed as foreclosures.  We can set up a search in the IMLS and send you all HUD homes and set up a search specifically for you that will update you on all new HUD listings that fit your criteria.  Call and we will set it up for you.

Jon Gosche Broker, GRI e-Pro 208-870-2115