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Boise Home Loan Rates to DROP

                                   BOISE HOME LOAN RATES WILL DROP!

Boise Home loan rates are going to drop according to CNBC reports on one of the most volatile stock market days in years.  August 8 2011, the day after the worst week of stock market losses since the crash of 2008.  The Federal Reserve came out today and said it would not raise short term rates until 2013 first causing stocks to drop from a surge after a horrible drop the day before.  Then bonds surged, gold dropped and interest rates plummeted.  Home loan rates should go to 4.25% or less in days to come.  That with Boise Home prices to 2000 levels is going to make homes more affordable than years.  But the number of homes for sale in Boise and Meridian Idaho has consistently been dropping over the past few months.   I have always been very slow to suggest real estate as an investment.  Recently however we have helped our investor clients buy homes that they are renting for close to 10% annual return on investment.  That is getting very compelling.  Boise rent is going up.  Not long ago you could rent for much less than a house payment.  That is changing fast.  
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