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Boise and Meridian Area Short Sales


  Boise, Meridian Area Short Sales are very common.

 Click on this for Boise short sales listed for $150,000 to $200,000.  Then adujst to the price range you want to see and you can see all Boise short sale listings.  

This video is being seen on Realtor websites as well as youtube.  It is basically accurate, however it is too cut and dry on 1.  What a financial hardship is 2. what is considered insolvency, and 3. what a monthly short fall is.  This may vary depending on your bank and your complete situation.  For example, your bank(s) may be stricter or looser in its definition.  Secondly things like; if you are going to have to move to a different state, or stay in Boise may make a difference.  Are you not really completely insolvent, but GOING to be?  They are not interested in making you go completely broke.  They are interested in themselves.  Jon Gosche and John Boles have been involved in 130 or more short sale closings and as of writing this have a 90% closing average.  That is very high.  Call Jon Gosche at 208-870-2115 for a free phone consultation and get a free short sale package so you really know.

Short sales have become very common in Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell and Eagle Idaho.   A short sale is the sale of a home or other real estate where the proceeds from the sale fall short of the amount owed to the lender or lenders.  It happens because the borrower must sell for some reason and cannot pay the mortgage or loan on their property, but the lender decides that selling to property at the short sale price is the best alternative.  This allows the lender to avoid foreclosure proceedings which are costly and take a lot of time.

Advantages to the lender with a short are that the property usually remains occupied and cared for.  Anyone looking at Bank Owned (REO) properties has seen dead yards,  holes in the wall where appliances, light fixtures, and other things have been pulled out (stolen) by the home owner.  The foreclosure process involves legal proceedings, an auction and takes several months.  There is not only lost income from not being paid but there are a lot of expenses to the lender for all of these things.  The property deteriorates in the meantime, and eventually they usually hire Real Estate Company and incur that cost too.  So it is usually better for the lender to accept a short sale especially in a market like today where the amount owed on a home greatly exceeds, sometimes as much as two times the market value of the home or property.

Yet astoundingly, according to the Ada County Association of Realtors® in an advertisement for a training course in 2009, they said that 90% of attempted short sales fail!   Why?   Because it is a quite complicated process and most Real Estate agents at the time had never done a short sale.

Jon Gosche and John Boles have closed over 60 short sales.  They have several pending (approved by the lender) as this is being written.  Their closure rate of submitted offers is well above 90% , closer to 100%.

Obviously if you contract your home for sale with a Realtor® your probability of success is very dependent on your Realtor’s® ability, knowledge and experience.  We have lots of information that we can provide you including the process, the effect on your future credit, and much more.  Please email to and ask your questions. and  both have much more information. 

Before you go, please bookmark this website because it has the best tools available for you to do your own home price research.  You can call Jon Gosche at 208-870-2115 or John Boles at 208-830-6185 and we will answer your questions.

If you are looking to buy it is also important to have an experienced buyer agent because there are just so many short sale listings listed by agents that just do not yet have much experience.  That is why the failure rate is so high.  We can help them and help you find out the things you need to know to avoid being tied up for months in a short sale purchase attempt that falls through three months after you put the offer in.  When you call or email to one of us please tell us you came from