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Sell My Boise Home Now?

This Boise County Home Sold In Less Than A Week
This Boise County Home Sold In Less Than A Week!

  I have owned this home myself for the last 10 years as a second home.  It is in Boise County.  Homes usually take months and even years to sell there.   I am 62 years old.  I always thought I would sell this when I was close to 65.  Because of the way the housing market was looking, and the fact that we had just sold a home close to this, I thought I would just list it this spring to see what would happen.  I showed it three times in the first day and a half and got an offer almost immediately with one other threat of an offer!  Whoa!  Close enough.  Closed in less than three weeks!  My head is still spinning.   Call me at 208-870-2115 and I will talk with you and tell you HOW I was able to do this.  Also consider us if you are selling a home anywhere in the Treasure Valley.  Look at the website that you will be on!

If you are looking for a home in Boise County, you are looking in an area where most Realtors® have little or no experience.  Not only is locating property often difficult, there are lots of pitfalls.  Many homes were built with little or no codes.  Even experienced Real Estate professionals are bound to miss things.  Many homes built in Boise County were built by owners and builders from Boise or California where they just don’t understand snow.  You NEED a Realtor® to help you know what and what NOT to look for!   Jon Gosche 208-870-2115.

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6 Responses to “Sell My Boise Home Now?”

  • Karen Gosche
    Written on

    Yes it was fast! It is a beautiful area. Nice while it lasted!

  • Josh Stafford
    Written on

    Congrats in the quick sale Jon! Thanks for letting me help close it :). Now where are you going to hide out on the weekend?

    • Jon Gosche 208-870-2115
      Written on

      No more hiding. Thanks for the help closing with you at Pioneer Title.

  • Alice
    Written on

    Just validation of why we trust your guidance and experience when it comes to real estate !!

  • Tom Evans
    Written on

    Actually, I’m not surprised by your quick sale. As you know, I just closed on one in that area last week!

  • Kasey Boles
    Written on

    Love the mountains. There are some good homes up there. Boise is a great place to live.

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