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Boise Home Values

According to Boise and Ada County tax assessment records existing home prices topped out at about 2007.  Below is a copy of tax assessor office records for my house, built in 1997.  This information is available at the County and City tax assessor offices.  It may help you estimate the value of your home.  However, market value and taxable value may not be the same.  Assessments are levied using a limited amount of information.  Assessors do not generally know about inside improvements.

Market value is the  price that your home will likely sell for.  True market value is determined for a particular property at the time the property is sold.  If you are considering buying a home you should ask your agent to show you an comparison of recently sold property similar to your home in similar locations.  Appraisers use two or more comparable properties.  Brokers/Realtors give a Broker’s Price opinion or a comparable market analysis to determine the price that your home would likely sell for on or about the date of the analysis.

2014 Property Details



Parcel: R1376420270
Year: 2014
Primary Owner:Zone Code: R-1B
Total Acres: 0.222
Tax Code Area: 01-6
Instrument Number:
Property Description:
LOT 18 BLK 2
House Image

Address:  BOISE , ID 83709
Land Group Type: SUB
Township/Range/Section: 3N1E23

Valuation Details

Roll State Category Code Acreage Assessed Value Valuation Method Code Area
Property 410 RES IMPROVEMENT 0.0 $183,900 COST 01-6
Property 200 RES LOT OR TRACT 0.222 $58,100 MARKET 01-6

Valuation History

Year Assessed Value Graphed Assessed Value
 2014  242000
 2013  209400
 2012  188000
 2011  188000
 2010  215800
 2009  241000
 2008  268600
 2007  275000
 2006  227200
 2005  216900
 2004  211100
 2003  189100
 2002  185900
 2001  181000
 2000  175100


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