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Best Places to Retire to in America.

Boise listed as one of the Best Places to Retire!

This is a 2008 video.  Home prices Peaked in Boise in 2006 and todays prices are slightly lower than 2008 for homes less than $2oo,ooo and still much less for higher end homes.


I always knew that Boise Idaho was one of the best states to retire in. I was the chiropractor in Hailey, near Sun Valley Idaho from the 70s until 1998. It was a great place to live through that period. Great cool summers with lots of snow and great skiing but relatively mild winters, although it can get cold. Lot’s of hunting, fishing, skiing, golf and other stuff to do. The years that I lived there were boom years after the 70s bust. I was fortunate both having two very successful practices, one in Ketchum Idaho and one in Hailey. I had multiple doctors with me through out that time and eventually sold both of them. I also started buying real estate when I was very young. I owned a commercial building, a motel gas station, a quarter of a downtown Hailey city block, part of which was my commercial building. My Hailey office was in part and Intermountain Gas rented from me the entire time I owned it.

I retired at the right time. But I was too you. I was only 46. Because I grew up in Idaho and my kids were gone to college and we were not sure where they would end up we looked all over out of Idaho where we may want to live for the rest of our lives. My wife was tired of the small town and resort atmosphere. On the other hand, although the rapid growth caused our success I longed for the early days before the Sun Valley Idaho Boom.

So we drove all over the west. We ended up in Boise where I graduated from High School. We just couldn’t find anywhere better. Although Boise and the surrounding area have grown a lot since I was in High School it is still a small city compared to many places. It is still very close to all the things we like to do. There is a lot of cultural attraction, sports, football nuts, and easy to get to the wilderness. And Boise has very mild winters with very little snow except in the mountains around it where there is great sking in the winter, a large reservoir for water sports in the summer and more.

Today my idea that Idaho is a Best state to retire in was affirmed by Fox news. See Best State to retire in!  Then go to  and start looking for your new Idaho home. Great city, great state, great website with great Realtors. Fox says Boise is the second of the ten BEST states to retire in according to this article. I still think Idaho is the BEST state to retire in.